Παρέχουμε υπηρεσίες συμβουλευτικής σε φυσικα και νομικά πρόσωπα.Το  ευρύ φάσμα πελατών μας  αποτελείται απο ιδιώτες  ατομικές επιχειρήσεις, και εταιρίες. Στόχος μας η άμεση επίλυση κάθε ζητήματος.

Counseling Services
Business Debt Settings, Visit to EFKA Branch or KEAO
Debt Settings electronically through TAXIS and lively visit to DOY
Opening businesses of any form of natural or legal persons
Consumer, Mortgage and Loans Settings

Ferros George

We are with you from design to implementing your idea, with the aim of developing both your own and our own business.

Get to know us

The purpose of our business is to provide counseling services and manage the needs of our customers, regardless of purpose, helping to develop and upgrade their businesses.

Our Mission

Our project, the processing of all your requirements, in businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors, bank loan regulation, bureaucracy and any other service we need to offer you, always responsibility and reliability.

How can
we help you

Our company has a wide range of activities and we are equipped with knowledge and experiences capable of helping our customers, whether they are active in the private or public sector, to face challenges effectively in terms of their development, corporate governance and efficiency.

We help businesses turn challenges into opportunities, adapt to new market data, innovate and enjoy significant benefits. Guided by technology and our people, we work to offer you reliable solutions.

Opening-Closing Business

It means opening businesses of any form of natural or legal persons, application, supporting documents and live visit to DOY to get the start and submit it to the customer (as is the closure of the business).

Debt arrangements

It means an electronic debt settlement through TAXIS and a live visit to DOY so that direct contact with revenue or judicial to make the customer arrangement possible.


They relate to vulnerable groups (KEAs) - Family Allowance (A21) - Applications and Documents

Visit DOY or any carrier in order to achieve each allowance.


(a) Settings of business or private debt electronics or visit the store (or visit the office for advice).

(b) Visit to a branch of EFKA or KEAO for insurance awareness or ability if it is not possible electronically.

Why to choose us

With our many years of experience and action, we innovate and distinguish us in the field of counseling, as we specialize in providing specialized consulting, tax and financial services.

Business Spirit

We are talking about the language of modern entrepreneur because we are entrepreneurs too.

Immediate Service

Our priority is your immediate and effective service.


We support our professional relationships on trust, humanity and empathy.

Integrated Solutions

We provide high quality and quality business counseling services in business organization.


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